Volunteer of the Month

Hi, my name is Sean. I am a junior at CHS High School, and some of my hobbies include playing video games, watching movies, and building. I am involved in a Film Class, the Teen Producers Project with Media Arts of San Diego, and a Growth Christian Club at my school. I would love to study film in college and hope to produce, direct, or act in movies someday.

I first volunteered in January 2023 by serving dinner to the homeless at Interfaith Community Services. I love working with kids and helping the community whenever I can.

I volunteer with Sports 4 Kids as often as possible. After a short hiatus, I found that kids were asking where I had been, mentioning that I was their favorite coach. It felt really good to know that I had left a positive impression on some of the kids.

I believe volunteering helps make the community a better place and provides people with opportunities and experiences they will never forget.

I’m Sabrina Lara, a senior at Monte Vista High School, and I’ll be heading to Stanford University in fall 2024. Since the beginning, I’ve dedicated my time to volunteering with Sports4Kids. The aspect of volunteering that captivates me the most is witnessing the joy and gratitude on the faces of the children and families we assist. Their smiles genuinely brighten my day.

One of the most impactful experiences for me has been seeing families line up to receive basic necessities or gifts. It’s heartwarming to realize that our modest contributions can significantly alter a family’s life. Volunteering, in my view, goes beyond fulfilling school requirements; it’s about empathy, connection, and the happiness that comes from making a difference in others’ lives.

I am immensely grateful to Sports4Kids and its mission. It’s inspiring to observe the profound effect a single organization can have on countless lives.