Sports4All was founded by a young community organizer named Arden Pala. Arden’s primary goal is to provide opportunities for all low-income youth to play sports, building physical and social skills that will serve them for a lifetime.

Arden’s first charitable projects started as an author and director- when he was just 8 years old.

Arden Pala is the author of the “Adventures of Noah’s Flying Car” book series (3 books published), available on Amazon and Kindle. All proceeds benefit low-income youth and the Covid 19 response fund. Arden started the book series when he was 8 years old. As a Turkish-American, he was bullied in elementary school for being different. He thought the books would be a fun way to encourage people to learn about different cultures.

Poster for “A Second Chance” directed by Arden Pala.
Recently Arden produced and directed a documentary about homelessness- A Second Chance– which shows viewers homelessness in San Diego. “ During this documentary, I have incorporated interviews of people that have been homeless and people that are working to help stop the homeless issue in San Diego” says Arden. “Hearing all these stories has changed the way I think of homelessness, and I hope it changes the way you think too. Anyone gave a second chance is given an opportunity; a way to move forward.” he continues

Arden Pala interviewed Sgt. Hugh Pettigrew, a formerly homeless U.S. Army veteran, for his documentary “A Second Chance.
A Second Chance, won numerous awards in the industry including SoCal Film Awards, Indie Short Fest, Worldfest- Houston International Film Festival, and Film Fest LA.

Presidential Gold Volunteer Award:

Arden was the recipient of the Presidential Gold Volunteer Award for his outstanding work in community service projects in 2022.