Our services are provided on school grounds where either the school lacks the budget for these services or families do not have the income to provide these services.Participating in school sports is a great way for children to stay healthy. But the benefits go far beyond that. Students who participate in sports have higher academic achievement, lower dropout rates, and develop skills such as communication, teamwork, and time management.

Getting involved is easy and we need your help

Schools: if you are an elementary school that was affected by budget cuts and would like us to provide sports activities for your kids please contact us. Our services are free of charge. We provide basic skill training and sports games once a week at your facility free of charge. Each session consists of an 8 week program

Week 1-3: 30-minute drills/ 30-minute games
Week 4: dodgeball / educational day of nutrition
Week 5-8: basketball games


Our program survives on sponsorship and donations. Our services are free of charge for the schools, so your contribution is important and welcome. Your contribution is used towards the following items

  • Snacks for our sessions, Water
  • Equipment and balls
  • T Shirts and shoes for our players


Our volunteers are at the heart of what we do. There are several ways you can volunteer at our programs

  • As a coach: if you are interested in helping as a coach please contact us. Kids ages 14+ are welcome to be considered as coaches. If you are interested in becoming a Sports4All coach please contact us here to receive an application form
  • As an event volunteer: If you are interested in helping us run our programs we would love to hear from you. Anyone 14+ and up is welcome to volunteer at our events. Volunteers are asked to help with the set up. We also ask our volunteers to play games with some of our younger school aged kids. If you are interested in becoming an event volunteer please email us here.

Our Partner Schools

We have recently partnered with Perkins Elementary School to provide after school classes to low-income kids that are otherwise not able to effort games and sports. What started with a group of 3 kids evolved into a program of 35 kids with full participation. Throughout the 6 weeks working with these students we noticed the kids became more determined to play basketball. Kids from 3rd grade to 8th grade attend practices every wednesday. Many kids stepped out of their comfort zone to attend practices. Some kids had never played a sport before and throughout the program we gave the kids many opportunities to grow in this sport. For example dribbling practices, fun basketball drills, and basketball games. Many of these kids were eager about the next basketball program next school year.

If you are a school that would like to utilize our services please contact us. They are free of charge for you and we look forward to hearing from you.